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Regulator halts ranitidine production

English version Argentina's regulator ANMAT is taking measures over ranitidine. On the local market, the leading brand is Taural from Roemmers group, but there are many generics distributed through hospitals and retail. The order only affects oral versions. The ranitidine alert is expanding in Latin America, with Argentina's ANMAT stopping production of new lots and other regional regulators issuing their...

Ecuador pharmacies growing

English version The pharmacy retail sector in Ecuador saw a pivot after the earthquake of 2016. Many sales points have since opened up outside of traditional downtown city centre areas. The retail pharmacy sector in Ecuador is not only the preserve of Mexico's FEMSA. According to El Diario de Ecuador, pharmacies in the country are expanding operations beyond...

Pharma review of the year 2017

English version The "un-termination" of the agreement with PAMI, Argentina’s state funded health provision for pensioners, was possibly the key and most controversial topic of 2017. The agreement was terminated then reactivated in a series of twists that have left many wondering what lays in store for the next agreement due...