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Unilever launches the brand Simple in Argentina aiming at consumers with sensitive skin with a price point  50% above that of Dove.

Anglo-Dutch giant Unilever continues to launch brands on the Argentine market despite the challenging economic context. Following the launch of the LivOpen repellants last summer, the group has launched its Simple line of products.

The skincare brand, which is big in Europe, is slowly arriving in the Latin America region. It already launched in Brazil and Uruguay, seeking position as a premium line designed for those looking for products for sensitive skin.

In Argentina, the brand comes under the portfolio of Dolores Herrmann and has been launched in pharmacies and perfume stores where it competes on the shelves with Dove, another Unilever brand, but priced noticeably higher. While a Dove aerosol currently retails at slightly over AR$102 (US$2.70), the comparable Simple product costs AR $150 (US$4).

The line also has makeup removers, facial cleansers, agua micelar and  other skincare products. Visit website.

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