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Collective pay negotiations in the Argentine pharma sector have closed reaching with an agreement of a 20% pay increase in three phases. The agreement includes update clause based on the consumer price index.

After some delay, the collective pay negotiations in the Argentine pharma sector have reached an agreement.

Pharmabiz has learned that the sectors’ associations CILFA, CAEMe and COOPERALA have signed an agreement with the FATSA trade union to increase salaries by 20%.

The agreement establishes increases of 13% in May; 4% in July and 3% in September, and includes a revision clause based on the consumer price index.

Under the new agreement, a qualified operator, for example, will have a basic monthly pay of AR$ 34,163 (US$ 1,372) in May, increasing to AR$ 36,280 (US$ 1,457) per month in September.

A technician with a university degree, meanwhile, will earn AR$ 38,263 (US$ 1,536) a month from May, rising to AR$ 40,634 (US$ 1,631) in month nine.

The agreed pay increases come against a background of sustained inflation in Argentina – inflation was around 25% in 2017 and is expected to be at least the same this year.

Pharmabiz has learned that Argentina’s pharmacies have agreed identical percentages and conditions.

US$ 1 = AR$ 24.90

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