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The Roemmers group has sealed another deal with Swiss drugmaker Roche. It had already bought the company’s primary care package in Argentina and now takes on Bactrim and Dormicum for the wider Latam region. Pharmabiz has been told the deal totalled around US$ 75 million.

Argentine group Roemmers, which bought out Swiss drugmaker Roche’s package of primary care products on the local market in 2011, has sealed another deal with the company, this time with regional reach.

As far as Pharmabiz could learn, the Latin multinational, which operates under the name Siegfried outside of Argentina, acquired a duo of emblematic products: the antibiotic Bactrim and the sleep inducer Dormicum for commercialization throughout Latin America.

The transaction, according to information obtained by this website, entailed an outlay of close to US$ 75 million and means that the brands will be commercialized in all of the Argentine group’s branches in the continent.

The deal was signed in the Mexican office, which is run by local man Hochi Vega. From there it will expand through the region, first to Colombia, Peru, and Ecuador.

While the multinationals put all their artillery in niche products or the most expensive, local companies are focusing on basic medicines with high volume sales.

In Argentina, the two brands acquired have been commercialized since 2011 under the umbrella of the drugmaker Investi, an arm of Roemmers dedicated to women’s health which took on the products acquired within Roche’s primary care portfolio in the country. Both brands sell close to AR$235 million a year in Argentina.

The deal comes about against a context in which the multinationals are focusing on niche or very expensive products. local companies, meanwhile, are concentrating on the commercialization of mature medicines that are consumed in large volumes, even though their prices may be falling.

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