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La francesa Sanofi has begun to strip itself of products that don’t form part of its core earners after having taken a packet of OTC brands from Germany’s Boehringer Ingelheim.

France’s Sanofi continues to prune its portfolio. Having broadened its OTC portfolio through a swap with Germany’s Boehringer Ingelheim back in 2016, it’s peeling off products that don’t make up its core earners See article in Spanish.

Pharmabiz has learned that the group is now selling a packet of OTC brands, which includes the eye drops Irix, which is currently sold in the retail sector in Argentina.

Irix, along with the antiseptic Isodine -which is sold in Mexico and Colombia- and the anti-inflamatory Lonol -inherited from the swap with Boehringer Ingelheim- have been sold to Mexico’s Sanfer, which has acquired other brands in the past. See article in Spanish.

The multination has begun by selling off Irix and two other brands that are marketed in Argentina and elsewhere in Latin America. It is to continue the process with Ratisalil, Falgos and other brands the formerly belonged to Gramon. Those interested in buying include Brazil’s Eurofarma, which is in a process of due dilligence, while Argentina’s Roemmers is another name that has come up.

While the transaction so far is worth around € 6.5 millions, it’s only the start, and according to details from reliable sources, the company will slowly divest the rest of the brands that it acquired a decade ago when it bought Argentina’s Gramon, when the company no longer belonged to the Roemmers group.

Several possible buyers are being talked about, including Brazil’s Eurofarma, which -according to Pharmabiz’s sources- is moving ahead with a process of due dilligence to acquire the entire packet of brands. Other names that come up include Argentina’s Roemmers.

After closing its transaction with Gramon, Sanofi had acquired 15 OTC products OTC including the winter line Bio-Grip; and No-Tos; the scar healer Adermicina; the anti-inflamatory Ratisalil and hangover cure Falgos. The company will now focus on its ex-Boehringer Ingelheim portfolio as well as the brands LactacydNovalgina; Allegra; and Nasacort, among others. See article in Spanish.

Sanfer, the buyer of the first batch of products sold, has no experience in OTC products in Argentina. Irix will be the first line that it will add to its portfolio in the country, which largely comprises the women’s health products it bought from Argentina’s Bagó in 2016, as well as non-core products that it bought from Elea and Phoenix in 2014. See article in Spanish.

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