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The USA’s Athenex has announced the acquisition of CIDAL, a Guatemala-headquartered firm focusing on clincal trials and studies that operates in several countries in Latin America

The CRO (contact research organization) segument comprising companies that focus on clinical studies is proving dynamic at the moment with a new acquisition in Latin America.

US-based Athenex has announced the purchase of CIDAL (Centro de Investigación y Docencia en América Latina) in order to expand its operations in the region. See press release.

The US company has signed an agreement for a share swap to acquite CIDAL assets. CIDAL is a CRO based in Guatemala and which conducts clinical studies in several Latin American countries.

CIDAL had already provided services for studies and trials to Athenex, whose list of products focuses on oncology, including a phase III trial for two molecules to treat metastatic breast cancer.

According to the company’s release, the move is part of Athenex’s stategy to expand in Latin America and Europe. With its presence strongest in the US and Asia, the company is seeking to expand the global potential of its portfolio, strengthening its regional operations.

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