Remote working has become a definitive part of the corporate environment. French drugmaker Sanofi seems to hold that it’s as effective to run Argentine operations from Europe as from Buenos Aires, with its Southern Cone general manager to set up a virtual offfice Switzerland.

The ongoing novel coronavirus pandemic has been no obstacle to changes at the top among major phamaceutical players.

Now speculation is rife inside Sanofi‘s Argentine office that the French drugmaker’s general manager for the Southern Cone, the Swiss national Sebastien Delarive, might wind up his mission in the region within the next quarter.

As far as Pharmabiz could learn, the executive is currently on vacation in Switzerland with his family. See Intranet communication in Spanish.

Delarive informed staff about his trip to Europe in a message via the company intranet, and advised colleagues: «to those who can, I recommend taking vacations», despite Argentina currently maintaining shelter-at-home restrictions for most due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Delarive informed staff that after vacations with his family, he will work remotely from Switzerland for a time. He promised to return to Buenos Aires at the end of September after what will be more than a month away from the local headquarters, which is located in the Bureau Parc San Isidro office complex in Buenos Aires Province.

Only a few special flights are currently operating in and out of Argentina due to the pandemic, and only foreign nationals are allowed to leave the country.


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