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El diario de negocios El Cronista puso hoy como tema de tapa el regreso del fondo Advent a la Argentina.

“Luego de dos años de haber vendido OCA, su último activo en la Argentina, el fondo vuelve al país de la mano de la compra de un laboratorio local”.

Así, el periodista Andrés Sanguinetti, describe con lujo de detalles el operativo retorno a la vez que su nuevo capítulo en la industria farmacéutica.

Pharmabiz agradece a Sanguinetti por la gentileza de citar a Pharmabiz como el sitio especializado que dio origen a la noticia.



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Pharmabiz at El Cronista

Thursday 18th, August 2011

The Argentine business newspaper, El Cronista, published on today’s cover the return of the Advent investment fund to Argentina.

“Two years after selling OCA –one of the main postal companies in Argentina- its last assets in Argentina, the fund is returning to the country by purchasing a local pharmaceutical company”.

This is how, journalist Andrés Sanguinetti describes in detail the return operation, as well as the company’s new chapter in the pharmaceutical industry.

Pharmabiz wants to thank Sanguinetti for having mentioned Pharmabiz as the specialized website which originally published the news.


These are the main paragraphs of the article published in Spanish at El Cronista:

“With this deal Advent initiates not only its return operation to the local market but also a new chapter in the pharmaceutical industry from which it retired in 2006, when it sold the pharmaceutical company Fada Pharma to the investment fund Pegasus.”

“For this return operation to the Argentine market, Advent would have used part of the fund which launched last year to invest in assets in the region, which has at its disposal u$s1.6 billion for investments in Latin America. Of this amount, Latin American Private Equity Fund V (Lapef V), has between 10% and 15% for Argentina, this is about u$s200 million. Another 40% will be for acquisitions in Brazil, 35% in Mexico and the remaining 10% in other countries such as Colombia and Peru”.

“Also, in LKM it (Advent) has purchased 50% of another pharmaceutical company. This is Quality Pharma, of which it already owns 50%. This operation, which was officially announced yesterday to LKM staff, would be inherited by Advent.”

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