Roemmers Launches Nutraceutical

Roemmers group launched a line of instant formulas named Nutri Baby through its laboratory Argentia.

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Roemmers group launched a line of instant formulas named Nutri Baby through its laboratory Argentia.

This new business unit is based on the acquisition of the small local firm Nutry Baby which the company made about three years ago. See article.

So far, Roemmers has launched a line of baby food. Now it added the star—instant formulas. See site.

Since the consumption rate of instant formulas is on the rise worldwide and consumption per capita indicators are moderate in Argentina, there are many mega players betting on this segment.

The market divides into liquid and powder formulas; however, the marketing manager of Argentia, Ariel Melamud, told Pharmabiz that the laboratory is only placing powder forms on the market.

The instant formulas cater to children aged 0 to 3 and are divided into a non-therapeutic line—exclusively aimed at nutrition—and a therapeutic line to treat colic, lactose intolerance, and other pathologies.

Melamud said to Pharmabiz, “our powder formulas differ because they contain prebiotics and probiotics.” They have also designed individual sticks for each meal.

The products are manufactured by La Sibila—a company of reference—in their plant located in the province of Entre Ríos. See site.

The marketing manager of Argentia explained to Pharmabiz that the idea is going step by step and the focus of the promotion and marketing efforts is now on the pediatricians.

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