The French digital automation and energy management company Schneider Electric will host a webinar on Tuesday September 26. The meeting will focus on energy solutions for mission-critical applications crucial for the performance of the companies in pharma and healthcare, among others.

By nature, companies in the field of pharmaceuticals and health care require energy solutions for mission-critical applications. Optimised power systems are fundamental for companies that operate continuously, and transfer boards are particularly important since they can integrate accessories and features that benefit power systems.

One player in this field is the French multinational Schneider Electric, which is inviting people in positions such as engineering or maintenance managers in the healthcare industry to join a webinar on Tuesday September 26 at 12 noon Argentina. The event has been titled Mission-Critical Energy Solutions:  ASCO Power 7000 Series Transfer Boards. See link to register

The main speaker at the free online meeting will be Victor Bonachea, director of product strategy at ASCO Power Technologies. He is an electrical engineer with a specialisation in energy and controls at a division that was acquired by Schneider Electric in 2017. See Press Release on the acquisition

The company will detail the technology behind to the 7000 Series and the characteristics of the transfer boards. Their main added value is perhaps the bypass board, which allows the maintenance or repair of the main board without interrupting operations.

The board is designed for the healthcare ecosystem and has a tried and tested reputation and a robust catalogue of characteristics and options that make it scalable for use in conventional environments and even in complex and demanding back-up power systems.

Schneider Electric operates in Argentina at Libertador Business Center under the command of Paula Altavilla. At the global level its CEO is Peter Herweck, who took up the role on May 4, replacing Jean-Pascal Tricoire. The commercial lead in Argentina is Javier Benolol, who serves as specifier prescription leader & ESXP leader. Jorge Parapar is business development manager for Latin America.

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