Macro and micro-economic factors have led Cytiva to exit Argentina. The US company focused on filtration instruments for bioprocesses has stuck a deal with Argentina’s Jenck to market its portfolio locally.

Cytiva has joined the list of multis that have closed their doors in Argentina. The company has made a deal with local operator Jenck, which will serve as the representative of its portfolio for marketing and distribution in the country.

Based in the Buenos Aires neighbourhood of Colegiales, Jenck was founded by Jorge Grinstein and Enrique Salvo and is led by Sebastian Salvo. It already served as the representative of Cytiva Pall for lab products. The Danaher group, owner of Cytiva/Pall, now depends entirely on Jenck, which has been operating as a provider of analytical instruments and other supplies for process control for almost 35 years. See Linkedin

Jenck has clarified that Cytiva products remain present on the market after the emergence of potentially confusing communications from the local company Triesen, headed by Marcelo Nör.

Products now under Jenck’s watch include bioreactors for biotechnological processes and complex filters that are critical in sterilization processes in procedures for biological and pharmaceutical products. Cytiva will close its offices at 700 Riobamba in the city of Buenos Aires and lay off around 20 staff headed by Patricia Roldán. However, most of the team, as well as receiving legal compensation and a bonus, have been rehired by Jenck. At the regional level, Cytiva is led by Patricio Baro.

The segment features major companies with direct operations in Argentina, including multis like Sartorius and Merck Group of Germany and US-based Thermo Fisher. Argentine companies include Vigenius Biotech, founded by Juan Delorenzi, formerly of Sartorius.

The Danaher Group has other companies such as Beckman Coulter, specialized in laboratory automation. Pall was acquired by the group in 2015. Five years later, in 2020, Danaher bought Cytiva from GE Life Sciences. Due to progressive overlap, Cytiva and Pall were combined last year to integrate their portfolios in the biotechnology solutions ecosystem.

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