The Argentine drugmaker Roemmers continues to add chips to its nutrition business. Now the company has closed a deal with Sweden’s BioGaia to market its probiotic indicated for the reduction of colic in infants.

It’s not all COVID-19 in pharma. The Argentine drugmaker Roemmers has entered into a licensing agreement with Sweden’s BioGaia in order to become the representative for its probiotic drops for children in Argentina.

The product, indicated for the reduction of colic in infants, is a novelty in the country. Priced at AR$ 1,860 (around US$19), the brand will be added to Roemmers’ Ethical Nutrition business portfolio, which is centred on the infant formula segment. See BioGaia site.

BioGaia is also marketed in other countries in the region, although through different partners. In Brazil, the local agreement is with the drugmaker Aché, while North America’s Abbott is the representative in most markets.

In Argentina, Felicitas Pérez, Marketing Manager for Ethical Nutrition will get the ball rolling. She’s under the orders of Ariel Melamud, head of a division that this year has already launched the Nutrex line to reach the hospital channel with its nutritional formulas.

In parallel, there are other children’s probiotics that have recently hit the market. For example, France’s Sanofi came out in 2020 with Enterogermina Plus, indicated to treat diarrhoea and restore intestinal flora. The product is available over the counter, presented in a drinkable format. See «Sanofi OTC launches Enterogermina Plus” in Spanish.

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