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Argentina’s sky-high inflation isn’t stopping the multinationals in the sector. Pfizer’s gloval CEO was in the country and even donned the jersey of the national football team. He signed balls and had a tête à tête with local staff.

Albert Bourla, global CEO of Pfizer was in Argentina this week. The company’s top executive met staff and local directors led by Nicolás Vaquer.

Bourla, who’s been at the helm since the start of 2019 was previously in Brazil, where he met with Brazilian general manager Carlos Murillo. On both visits Bourla was accompanied by Dawn Rogers, VP of human resources.

During the visit to Argentina, staff at Pfizer Argentina presented a Bourla with the national football team’s new shirt. The executive also signed balls which will be given to the Bola foundation.

Another global CEO to visit Argentina of late was Vasant Narasimhan, head of Switzerland’s Novartis and the youngest head of a major pharma multinational. Takeda’s number one, Christophe Weber, also made a visit last year in March amid the company’s process of ntegration with Shire; and Belén Garijo, global CEO for Healthcare at Germany’s Merck, and who was welcomed personally by the then president of Argentina Mauricio Macri. See article. See article. See article.

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