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Pharmabiz, Latin America’s top digital source of news on the pharmaceutical industry, is celebrating ten years. Its first decade of existence has seen it become an indispensable reference for a broad section of the Pharma and cosmetics industries.

Online newspapers are defining the era and in this context Pharmabiz, at the forefront of new forms of media consumption from day one, is celebrating its tenth anniversary this December.

The media outlet, born with a specific focus on an industry that is subject to evolving regulations, has gained increasing influence and impact in the sector.

Throughout the period, the secret of Pharmabiz’s success has been its journalistic core, a fundamental pillar that sets its apart. From the newsroom, we have always offered a critical view and interpretation of events, and permanent checks on information across a range of frontline sources.

Pharmabiz is a newspaper as as such boasts a professional newsdesk. In an industry that is often reticent to facilitate official information, the work can be dry, making it all the more challenging. Our readers know that Pharmabiz always has firsthand information and gets it right.

Over 10 years, we have broken numerous big stories, added data and analysis, making our site an indispensable source for a broad section of the industry.

Through consistent work and daily briefings, Pharmabiz has set the agenda and covered all the most relevant events and stories from inside the industry itself, contemplating all facets of the sector.

While traditional print media continues to suffer, Pharmabiz now looks ahead to the next decade with a reputation as a reliable stakeholder and participant with growing penetration.

Continual renewal

Pharmabiz as a journalism business seeks continual renewal, always updating its output to keep up with new media trends

Las year Pharmabiz launched micro video reports from its own newsroom, which are published on its YouTube channel, converting different key social networks in platforms to accelerate communication with our followers.

As the print media continue to falter faced with the advance of digital platforms, this vertical publication has added a new section. 

Pharmabiz launched in the last year micro video reports created in its own newsroom and published on our own YouTube channel, which soon became a hit. See article.

In this way, the different social networks, such as Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter, have become key platforms through which we maintain fluid communication with followers.

Also in 2017, Pharmabiz began creating its own covers, in the form of a weekly newspaper, as a new way to summarise the main stories marking the week.

Over this first decade, Pharmabiz’s staff has grown and diversified. The team, comprising journalist, photographers, designers and analysts, works in an integrated way to cover all angles with a 360º view.

The newsdesk has also seen a technological upgrade, moving to a dedicated server to improve performance and the quality of our news portal and offer a secure service.

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